"A Tiny Evolution of an Escapee" (2016) 


Written, Directed and Animated by Makar Ke Ma

Official Selection of 2016 Aesthetica Short Film Festival (BAFTA Qualified Award)

Official Selection of 2016 BLOW-UP International Arthouse FILM FEST

Official Selection of 2016 AnimaSyros International Animation Festival

Official Selection of 2016 International Festival of Animated Films TOFUZI

Official Selection of 2016 Hongkong Arthouse Film Festival

Official Selection of 2016 Los Angeles CineFest

Won USC 2016 Discovery Scholar Prize (with $10,000 reward)





Other animation tinies...


"Wild Kid" (2014)

Best comes when we share good with each other.



"Suspicious" (2013)

Visual music experiments




"UltimaTour" (2013)

We used to have a mirror face to seek for our identity in the world on the path of a looping life,

and finally gain the happiness when we find our pure self.



"Study for Finals" (2014)

When final exams are approaching, people are going crazy!!!

Music: "Levan Polkka" - Loituma - Hatsune Miku



"Absurd" (2013)

Subconsciousness visualization experiments



"My Illusion" (2012)

A girl, who was always immersed into her illusion and got uncanny in reality,

is finally able to control over her fantasy world.